Sunday, 19 April 2015

Eva Green

It’s funny – I often have several articles started, but find it hard deciding which deck I want to post next. I’ve considered requests/ideas in the past, but I enjoy waiting for cards to arrive in the mail so I can playtest a deck before writing about it. Today’s deck didn’t have to wait however, as I already have 73/75 of the cards (and the 2 I don’t are in the sideboard). This is a colour combination I’ve wanted to write about for a while and, as previously mentioned, have several articles started that use them. I finally decided on this deck however, as I’m pretty sure it’s the one I started putting together first; and because it’s just a lot of fun to play. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the hottest deck in Magic – Eva Green.

What’s a bit strange about today’s ensemble is that it actually led to the demise of another deck I’ve already written about: Red Death. That’s not entirely fair however, as the real culprit was actually our ‘friend’ Tarmogoyf. Now I know what you’re thinking - if Tarmogoyf’s to blame then Eva Green must not be good without it. That’s simply not true - Werebear was bearing arms before Tarmogoyf was ever printed. In fact, when ‘goyf premiered, people actually argued against replacing the bear with him. Those people were clearly wrong as we all know, but that doesn’t mean Werebear’s not a good card. Its use of Threshold is shared by another creature in the deck, and is easily achieved thanks to Eva’s Rituals, hand disruption and mana denial. With these, you should have no problem getting 7+ cards in your graveyard fairly quickly. Bear can also ramp your mana, which is not irrelevant in such a mana hungry deck. Another ‘forgotten’ beater of the past is Nantuko Shade. Think of Shade as an upgrade to the old pump knights - he costs less mana to pump, and offers protection to himself in the form of +1/+1 instead of +1/+0. Shade is actually one of your best win conditions as he can get very big, and makes Rituals you might draw later quite valuable.

Tempo. Sharing an archetype does not mean sharing a strategy. Because this deck can be quite mana hungry, it does not play the same as other tempo decks such as RUG. For example, without access to Red’s direct damage, it means all of your win conditions are creatures. It also means that your creature removal does only that: remove creatures. Eva Green does have some advantages that R does not however – it offers a lot of discard spells, along with added mana denial for the opponent and mana ramp for yourself. The latter makes playing threats much faster, which is exactly what you want to do. Despite being different, the deck does exactly what a tempo deck should: drops an early threat and denies your opponent resources as you beat them down and win.

The deck has a bunch of different win conditions, along with numerous ways to control your opponent. I had considered adding Unmask and/or Contagion, but eventually decided against them. Both are ‘free’ spells you can use to remove the opponent’s hand/creatures, but I thought the 4 Snuff Out provided enough card disadvantage in the name of tempo. Admittedly, I think we could shave off a couple of creatures and put in some more tempo spells, however I’m not sure these are the cards to use. Sylvan Library is also a card. Then again, who knows? Try tinkering with the deck and find what works for you. Happy Brewing!

Eva Green


4 Polluted Delta
4 Bloodstained Mire
4 Bayou
4 Swamp
1 Forest
1 Cabal Coffers
4 Wasteland

Total: 22

4 Werebear
4 Nantuko Shade
4 Hypnotic Specter
4 Nimble Mongoose
1 Carnophage

Total: 17


4 Dark Ritual
4 Duress
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Sinkhole
4 Snuff Out
1 Rancor

Total: 21


4 Choke
4 Pernicious Deed
4 Tormod’s Crypt
3 Naturalize

Total: 15

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