Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Brown Snow

One of the things I try to do with these introductions is grab your attention. Without the use of cat videos however, I know how hard it can be sometimes; as such, I try to include interesting facts, real world references, et cetera to get you reading. Today I decided to go with immaturity. I could’ve named the deck something more PG such as Iced Coffee or Mocha Latte. But nah, instead I went with Brown Snow.  Enjoy.

Despite containing White, the deck employs several elements of your average MUD deck, such as the use of artifacts to tax your opponent. It does so by increasing the cost of casting spells and destroying the opponent’s mana base. While this strategy can be effective, particularly if you’re on the play, it can also limit your own ability to develop your board. Not only that, but artifacts aren’t particularly strong in the interaction department, and so the idea is to limit your opponent’s ability to interact as well, thus giving you an edge on the competition.

So how does it work?  While it employs the trifecta of attacking their manabase, generating mana, and limiting the opponent’s ability to interact with you; it’s actually the last point that defines this deck. The addition of White allows you to minimize an opponent’s ability to interact with your board, while allowing you to interact with theirs. It does so via Hanna’s Custody - a seriously overlooked card in artifact decks, which singlehandedly protects every non-land permanent that you own (except itself).

Now that we’ve talked about its defense, let’s look at how Brown Snow can win. Your main tool is Chimeric Staff, a lesser known artifact that becomes particularly strong when paired with 1+ Metalworker(s). That being said, you want variety in your win conditions of course, which is why the deck also includes a Phyrexian Processor, a pair of Masticore and 2x Karn, Silver Golem. The problem with Karn is that he becomes pretty useless on his own as a win condition if the opponent has a creature out – good thing we have Masticore and Swords to Plowshares!

The Metalworkers actually serve several purposes in the deck, as they can allow you to maneuver around your Spheres and even play a somewhat tempo role. In fact, Metalworker, along with Grim Monolith, can also be enhanced by Voltaic Key - just remember that Key becomes useless when Custody is in play, so you may not want to include them in your deck.

I put 4 Defense Grid in the sideboard, however there is a valid argument for them to be MB. The idea is that Staff can only be targeted by removal during your turn, thus forcing them to block or take damage by it. Attacking their mana base (and Hanna’s Custody) should be enough to limit the average opponent, but I kept them in the SB for this reason, to hit High Tide/Reset decks, and other various shenanigans. Another card I’d considered was Storage Matrix, which I think can have some really cool board states that I might write about it in another deck. Happy Brewing!

Brown Snow


4 Snow-Covered Plains
4 Ancient Tomb
4 City of Traitors
4 Wasteland
8 Fetch lands

Total: 23


4 Metalworker
2 Karn, Silver Golem
2 Masticore

Total: 8


4 Hanna’s Custody
4 Swords to Plowshares
4 Mox Diamond
4 Grim Monolith
3 Voltaic Key
4 Sphere of Resistance
4 Chimeric Staff
1 Phyrexian Processor
1 Icy Manipulator

Total: 29


4 Tormod’s Crypt
3 Defense Grid
3 Ensnaring Bridge
1 Wrath of God
4 Abeyance

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